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Homeroom Parents

What is a Homeroom Parent?

The Homeroom Parent is a facilitator/liaison between the parents and the classroom teacher. Homeroom Parents are the foundation of the volunteer program, which provides BPHSA with the many benefits that come from a strong volunteer community served by all its families.

Homeroom Parents are a necessary and much appreciated part of the Bridle Path Home and School Association (BPHSA). Please note that volunteering as a Homeroom Parent does not guarantee that you will chaperone the class trips as the teachers are responsible for selecting chaperones.

Every classroom needs two Homeroom Parents. The selection of Homeroom Parents will be determined per the guidelines listed in the BPHSA by-laws.

All Homeroom Parents must have their updated Clearances on file under NPSD guidelines.

Once Homeroom Parents are selected, they will be notified via email. The email will also contain information regarding a Homeroom Parent meeting where the responsibilities of this role will be further explained.

Responsibilities of a Homeroom Parent

Working with the Teacher

  • The most important part of being a homeroom parent is that you must communicate with the teacher so you know what’s going on with the kids and with the classroom activities. The teacher will guide you as to what is expected from you.

Organizing Parties and Events

  • Most homeroom classes have at least one party per school year. As a homeroom parent, it is your job to organize these. You will make arrangements for donations of food and any desserts, what activities the kids will do, and contacting other parents so they also know what’s going on.

Field Trips

  • If there is a class-wide field trip, you may be asked to help organize it or coordinate volunteers.

Relaying Information to Parents

  • One of your duties as a homeroom parent is to communicate with the other parents. If there is an event, you will make phone calls or send out fliers/emails. You will also need to arrange for other parents to volunteer their time for field trips and other events. If parents have any questions about the class’s social calendar, you are the first point of contact, so you need to check your email and phone regularly.

Attend Meetings

  • We may ask that you attend some event planning meetings. This will help the home & school team get to know you as well as give you a sense of what to expect and how to prepare for an event.